Accident Insurance

What is accident insurance and how is it different than my major medical insurance?
Accident insurance covers things…..that’s right…..related to accidents. Typically that includes cuts, burns, breaks etc. An accident insurance plan can be a great side dish to your health insurance policy. Kind of like ketchup to french fries. You can eat the fries plain but they’re better with ketchup (or fry sauce if you live in Utah). Accident plans are also ideal for those with a high deductible on their medical insurance as they would help cover those unexpected big doctor or ER bills while you meet your up front, high deductible.
I’m finding people with families who are typically healthy, don’t want to spend a ton on monthly insurance premiums but want to have some up front benefits other than preventive care, go for the accident plan. As well as athletes such as skiers, mountain bikers etc. The majority of people rarely hit their medical deductible whether it be a $500 or $5000 dollar annual deductible. An accident benefit paired with a slightly higher deductible health plan could and usually is a lot cheaper than the low deductible plans out there and gives you a greater up front benefit for when you do have that sudden mishap. The trend we are seeing with health insurance and it’s rising costs are this: high deductible health plan + accident plan = lower cost, better all around insurance.
So how much do these cost? For an individual, around $12-$30 and families $48-$100+ per month.